Small actions, big change!

We know it’s tough to do, but imagine traversing roughly two hours each day through dangerously steep mountain ranges, trails and ruins just to receive an education? Think of how different your world would be without the gift of literacy. Sadly, for many children in our area, this is a reality.

Apa Sherpa Foundation is committed to fundraising and working tirelessly to provide an education to the children in and around Ghat. Should you choose to donate to our fundraising activities, or even start your own, we will make sure that your generosity will be put to good use.

“For it is in giving that we receive”
- Saint Francis of Assisi

Your donations will be used to:

  • Provide children with the gift of education
  • Provide a salary to the teachers
  • Provide children with a healthy meal
  • Provide children with stationery and supplies
  • Spread the message of literacy